Saturday, 29 July 2017


You might be wondering “Why 90 days? Do I really have to go that long?”
The answer is: Absolutely not – that’s the unique beauty of OYNB.
While we’ve found in most cases the real magic happens somewhere between 30 and 90 days, this tailored process offers you the freedom to choose.
OYNB is about control within your own life. That’s what truly matters.
So if you want to go 28 days, you can. Want to go all the way to 90? You can.
Decide to go FAR BEYOND 90 days (as a huge number of our members already have)?
You bet your ass you’ll have the control to do it.
This is your chance to take the power back – and yes, sometimes that means you might choose to have a drink. The key is that it’s your choice and nobody else’s.
Leave the stress and shame to those in more restrictive, guilt-laden abstinence programmes. Take the easy route and simply “hack” your way to power alongside us – because we’ll never make you feel like a failure for exercising your newfound freedom. Click here to know more about #the advantages of not drinking alcohol

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