Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Chuck Hildebrant Community Activities

Hildebrant formally served many years as a volunteer fireman and EMS, to serving as a state arson investigator in the State of Ohio for many years. He also has served as a trustee or board member to various church’s and has led the fund-raising efforts to build a new church in Ohio, setting new donation records in that endeavor. Chuck Hildebrant Twitter
Hildebrant continues to be actively involved in the wireless and fiber sectors, and acts as a consultant to several businesses from small to publicly traded.
Hildebrant’s Awards
Hildebrant has been awarded many honors over the 4 decades in his career, including Entrepreneur of the year in Cincinnati and Deal Maker of the year, but his greatest honor is being a father of 2 grown son’s and his 2 grandsons.
Hildebrant now resides in Florida with his wife Susan and their dog…Willow.
For more information visit website #Chuck Hildebrant Cincinnati

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