Tuesday, 23 January 2018

How to avoid falling prey to cloud mining scams

Here are a few tips one need to keep in mind to avoid falling prey to scammers
Domain name is suspicious and is not registered on the real name
Register the company is some other country and fake their identity. You need to check the reviews of the sites carefully to identify the red flag easily. Moreover, the site will not possess valid license to provide mining contracts. The reliable site will showcase the valid license on their site to maintain transparency. 
Will not show the proof of hardware and software used
Do not have funds instead use the funds of the clients to make payments and pretend as if they are honest and respectable in the society to grab the attention of more clients to join in their customer database. These people will show the bitcoin address after making the payouts to prove that they are credible, but after a few days people stop receiving payouts from the address
Promote their website through website. These people do not have any physical office location and no data centers are shown in the equipment. This clearly resembles that these people are illegitimate. 
Post about their ether mining and zcash mining company in the comparison site, since these sites will not check the complete credentials of the company. There are a few comparison sites show the proof of bitcoin address as the company is making payouts, but soon the company stops paying from that address and abscond.  For more information visit website #ether mining

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