Wednesday, 24 January 2018


Twitter is a social network particularly suited to comment on current events, but also to tell it live. Many events, big and small are told in real time on Twitter , this allows those who are physically far away to follow them and be able to comment every moment.

The live tweeting can then be enriched by photos and video and the "live" can be extended to other social and various tools, think of the direct Facebook and the stories on this popular social and Instagram .

However, it is not enough to master the instruments, they need two other ingredients of great importance, something really interesting to say and a strategy to communicate in a very effective way , obtaining a return, at least of image from these operations.

A good Live Tweeting is not improvised , but rather planned properly and entrusted to those who know very well the micro blogging platform, its dynamics and its language.

If you have to do the Live Tweeting of an event there are several things to think about, first of all logistics, having a comfortable location, from which you can enjoy a good view and you can at the same time tell with confidence is undoubtedly important, at the the same way to equip yourself with everything you need, smartphone, tablet and / or computer, taking care not to stay without a battery, so better to stay close to a power outlet. For more information visit website #realizzazione siti milano

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