Monday, 29 January 2018


Implant applications are divided into three depending on the number of lacking teeth including single tooth deficiency, multiple tooth deficiency and total edentulism. Implants are also divided into three including those made immediately after a tooth extraction, those made following soft tissue healing (3 to 4 weeks following extraction) and delayed implants (3 to 6 months or more following tooth extraction).
Total Edentulism
There are two treatment options in the case of single tooth deficiency including a conventional bridge or a single implant. In the case of a conventional bridge, the two adjacent teeth are reduced and the bridge is glued on these teeth. A good appearance and function can be obtained for some time with such a restoration was such a denture cannot protect the bone surrounding the extracted root and the bone begins to be resorbed. Implant application has many advantages in the case of a single tooth replacement:

Its appearance, function and feeling is very similar to a natural tooth
It is much more aesthetic in the longer-term
There is no likelihood of decay
No need to cut down the adjacent teeth
More hygienic compared with a bridge and it is simpler to clean
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