Monday, 29 January 2018

PRP Assisted Hair Planting

It is the transfer of the hair roots with the non-spilling feature between the two ears to the region where hair loss is experienced by taking one by one with FUE technique. The great advantage of the FUE method is that it allows maximum graft removal while the donor does not leave marks on the area. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) A plasma rich in platelet and Growth hormone is obtained with a 10 ml blood sample taken from you. This plasma is injected into the lower part of the weakened hair roots, allowing the hair to grow stronger and reducing the pouring speed by 96%. Roots and weakened hair are feed and hair loss is stopped for a long time. When PRP is applied, the healing period and new hair growth accelerates. Because PRP application is a completely organic method, you can protect your hair by doing as much as you want without limiting the session. For more information visit website #hair transplant istanbul

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