Saturday, 17 February 2018

Inspirational Royalty Free Music to inspire your audience.

"We have had offers.  In these meetings it is always the same.  There is always someone telling you how well connected they are, digitally speaking, and they throw out numbers in the millions as far as streamed content that they already have and then, say these are the numbers we are anticipating from each of your tracks.  We did the math later and it sounded really great and then we read their contracts.  We would be putting ourselves personally and our livelihood in jeopardy by signing.  Essentially the contracts state that they would have irrevocable rights to our music, that they could rebrand any or all of our tracks and that they would own the rebranding. Meaning we would no longer own the rights to any royalties they would be collecting on the rebranded music and we would never get paid.  Also, there was some clause in the last contract we saw, where any of their fees incurred for any rebranding or dissemination would be taken out of our percentage and paid to them out of any royalties we earned.  If there were not enough to pay them back, we would owe them money.  Plus anything we had out there already, like from our website, they want their share of our royalties for that.". For more information visit website #Inspirational Copyright Free Music