Friday, 23 March 2018

What is subungual melanoma what are its symptoms?

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However, there are some who consider using it is dangerous and create side-effect on user’s body. But it is not so, using rigvir is safe and effective that does not create any side-effect and is currently considered as the best cancer treatment. It is important to note that this cancer treatment works on different types of cancer such as:
         Stomach cancer
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         Lung cancer
         Uterine cancer
         Pancreatic cancer
         bladder cancer 
About subungual melanoma:
Subungual melanoma is cancer that spreads on human nails. It is one of three types of nail cancer which is originated on the tissue beneath known as nail matrix. According to various medical communities and researchers, it is found that people often find hard to detect this disease. But you can identify it when your nails have a fungal infection.
Symptoms of melanoma under toenail:
         Subungual melanoma usually appears darkened and perpendicular to the cuticle. The streaks of the nails are blue, brown and half non-pigment.
         The nails may either get brittle or break while the remaining nail gets attached to the base.
         streaks nails that increase the size of nails
         fingernails get separate from the nail bed
         darkening skin
         nail that bleeds
         cracking, thinning or distortion
Risks factors associated with subungual melanoma:
There are few potential causes associated with this disease that are-
         Trauma to nail bed
         Fungal and bacterial infections of the nail bed
         Weakened immune systems because of drugs or disease
These are few risks factors that can create huge damage and often seen dangerous. That is why; women’s are often encouraged to remove nail polish. The polish can disguise actual nail and makes people hard to detect the infection. 
Before you suffer from a disease like subungual melanoma, it is best if you regularly wash your nails and keep them clean. Often people neglect this which in turn creates nail infection and can be dangerous for your health. It may even take the shape of melanoma cancer. Try to avoid injuries and other risk factors that can damage your nails. Avoid working in the muddy area as this may lead to the infection in your nails. 

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